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is right for you?

Illustration of an open box with icons for documents, labels and advertising materials

Already running your business? Choose a package

399 zł net

Expand your business with new services with Furgonetka Point. Our partner points are located in stores and service establishments. They allow point customers to send and receive packages while shopping or running everyday errands.

Time to launch business: 2 days

You gain higher earnings, new customers and advertising

Required financial contribution: 399 zł net

Do you value comfort and convenience? We will supply your point with the necessary materials - thanks to them you will become visible to customers.
Illustration of an open box with a large number of icons of documents, labels, advertising materials, signboard and packaging film

Want to start a new business? Choose a package

8049 zł net

Open a dedicated courier outlet with Furgonetka Point. The activities of dedicated points focus exclusively on parcels and related services: fulfilment, personal and business customer service, parcel returns, sales of packing materials.

Time to launch business: 7 days

You gain our support, but also full independence

Required financial contribution: 8049 zł net

Planning to open a specialized outlet? We'll make sure that your outlet is comprehensively equipped - from the stumbling block to the coffer to customer gadgets. These materials will make your establishment ready for launch.

What will you gain

as a point owner?

A proven business idea

Whether you're opening something new or expanding an existing business, working with us will give your establishment the recognition we've been working for for 12 years.
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Fixed and secure earnings

For many years, the courier industry has been one of the fastest growing industries. Recently, we have seen an even more powerful growth in the number of parcels sent. 24% of them are carried out with the participation of sending and receiving points. Moreover, it is estimated that in 2023 the number of parcels sent in Poland will be as high as 848 million, and the value of the market will reach PLN 11.7 billion.
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Substantive support

During the course of your business, you can count on our support. At the beginning we will teach you the offer, and at later stages - we will take care of development and marketing, providing you with access to training and promotional materials.
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What will

your customers gain?

A store icon with a location pin on the roof, symbolizing a convenient shipping point.
Convenient shipping point in your area
An icon of a box with earth in the background, symbolizing the ability to send packages domestically or internationally.
Possibility to send a package to the country or abroad
three clocks icon
Delivery of a domestic shipment even on the second day after it is posted
Icon of a hand holding a coin, symbolizing attractive and affordable shipping rates
Attractive and affordable shipping prices
courier truck icon, symbolizing a wide selection of courier companies in one place.
Widest selection of courier companies in one place

On what terms

do we cooperate?

House icon with location marker inside. In front of the house a parcel icon
Convenient shipping point in your area
Icon of the monitor screen and cursor clicking on an item on the screen

An employee of the point accepts it and enters the data into the system

Wallet, cash and document icons

Customer selects service and pays for order, system generates shipping documents

Courier and parcel icon

Courier picks up parcels from point and makes delivery

Cash and rising chart icons

The owner of the point gets a commission every month for organized shipments

What do we expect

from the point owner?

Illustration of the building Furgonetka Point over which there is a location marker. There are parcels dotted around

Business activity or readiness to establish it

Willingness to invest in a start-up package

Adapting the space to our guidelines

Running the premises on the first floor

Separate space for parcel storage

Learn about

the owners' opinions

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Point notification

Don't delay - fill out the form and grow in business on your own terms!

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