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returns of purchases with Furgonetka

Try our FREE returns system! As a buyer, you can quickly return unwanted products, and as a seller, you can easily handle every return shipment in your online store.

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Satisfied woman returning purchases on phone using Furgonetka Returns system

Easy return of purchases

for you or your business

Returning online purchases has never been so fast and hassle-free.
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For the buyer

You no longer have to fill out paper forms. You can return ordered products online quickly and safely.
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For the seller

You no longer have to process each return individually. Manage all your returns in our free online system.

We are changing our approach to

returning purchases

1. Easy-to-use system

You no longer have to fill out paper forms. You can return ordered products online quickly and safely.
Screen with the returns system and returns list

2. Easy return procedure

As a customer of an online store, you can send a package with the returned product in 4 simple steps - even without leaving your home. If you are the owner of an e-shop, you can accept or reject the product in a few clicks.
Screen with the returns system and selection of products to be returned

3. Convenient return tracking option

In a dedicated panel you can constantly monitor what is happening with the returned parcel. In the returns list you will find the status of each shipment. The view is available to the store customer and business.
Screen with returns system and returns details

4. Safety at every stage

With Furgonetka Returns you don't have to worry about missing forms, incorrect packaging or lack of returned funds. All information is located in the system and is visible to both sides of the process.
Screen with the returns system and return summary

5. Completely free solution

The returns system is software that you can use 100% for free. As an online store, you do not pay a subscription or start-up fee. You implement and operate the tool free of charge at all times! All you need is simple integration of your e-commerce platform with our website
A screen with a returns system and integration with e-commerce platforms

6. Encouragement for further purchases

With our system, online customers have the guarantee that in the event of unsuccessful purchases, they can return the goods to the store quickly and without any problems. Thanks to positive experiences, they are more likely to make repeat purchases.
Screen with the returns system and customer panel

How does the

returns system


Furgonetka Returns is an intuitive module for returning purchases, which, as a result of quick integration, becomes part of the online store. The tool takes the customer to a simple form where he returns the purchased products in a few steps.
Computer screen with returns system
The store customer logs in to the Returns panel, where he finds all his orders and access to the returns policy.
Computer screen with product selection
He selects the products he wants to return. He has at least 14 days (the exact time for withdrawal from the contract is determined by the store).
The item is packed into a parcel
The user provides details of the shipment, including: packaging type and shipping method. Pays shipping or takes advantage of free returns.
Courier with parcel
Hands over the parcel to the courier or takes the parcel to the shipping point. You will receive your money back within a maximum of 14 days.

Furognetka Returns

makes shopping easier

At Furgonetka, we try to make life as easy as possible for e-commerce users. Returning your purchases is another step to saving your time and nerves. We want to ensure that online shopping is as easy as sending parcels, and that convenient and quick returns become a permanent fixture in the minds of customers and online store owners.
A relaxed man sitting comfortably in front of a laptop, next to a parcel with returned purchases

Turn on

Furognetka Returns

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returns system


Woman packing shopping for return

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