Manage your Allegro shipments in one place with no subscription or shipment limit

Are you selling on Allegro? We provide you with a solution that allows you to send and manage packages outside of Allegro and be Allegro Smart!

Link your account with Allegro
Satisfied woman holding a laptop on which the panel of the van customer is visible. With her other hand she shows the OK gesture. In the background you can see the Allegro logo, the Furgonetka logo and parcel symbols.

What will you gain

with our solution?

Access to Allegro One shipping methods

Ability to order shipments by all methods available through One by Allegro:

Allegro One Box - green parcel machines,
Allegro One Punkt - stationary points at Saloniki Kolportera and Furgonetka points, Auchan, etc.,
Allegro One Kurier - same and next day courier delivery and Saturdays in selected cities.
A woman holding two parcels in her hands standing in front of the open box of a parcel machine. The Allegro One logo is visible in front of her.

Sending AllegroSmart parcels without limits

You will start sending standard Allegro parcels, as well as Allegro One as part of the Allegro Smart service with no limits and the need to log in to the Allegro website.

A smiling man looking out from behind the parcels. The Allegro SMART logo is visible next to it.

Non-subscription service

You will manage Allegro shipments without paying a subscription - the only cost is 0,19 PLN net for generating a label.

A satisfied man standing behind an open cardboard box. In his hand he is holding the label for the parcel.

One place to manage shipments

From your Furgonetka panel you will conveniently send not only Allegro shipments, but also those from other sales channels such as your own store.

A satisfied woman looking out from a laptop screen on which the Furgonetka customer panel is visible.

Support from the customer service team

You will get professional help from our specialists, who will help you connect your Allegro account or place an order.

A woman sitting at a computer with a headset on her head, carrying on a conversation.

How does

it work?

A monitor displaying a shopping cart symbol and an arrow symbolizing downloading.
We take your orders directly from Allegro.
An icon symbolizing a window with a list of shipments.
In the Furgonetka Panel, you register a shipment from automatically downloaded orders.
‍Integration allows you to generate a label with a number to track it.
A package, with a tick mark in front of it.
We pass the information about the created shipment to Allegro.
A contented, relaxed man sitting in a chair at a desk. On the tabletop lies a laptop, a mug and a wrapped parcel.

Thanks to importing shipments from


you will quickly and conveniently send not only standard Allegro shipments, but also Allegro One shipments within Allegro Smart.
A hand holding a phone with the Furgonetka logo on the screen. Tiles with the Allegro logo, shopping cart symbol, returns and package float around.

Furgonetka allows parcel management

from different sales channels

You can add your store to order, handle and track shipments from your online store or marketplaces from one place.

Do you want to

know more?

Check out our
, in which you will learn how to send Allegro parcels using the Furgonetka platform, as well as contact our Customer Service Department through the form provided.