Find the Furgonetka Point closest to you

Use the interactive map and see where you will send or receive your shipment stationary - at a convenient location!

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In Furgonetka


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You will send a shipment

Have a package to send? Have it shipped online and bring it to the point whenever it suits you. You can also send the package from start to finish with a point employee. You don't have to worry about packing and label printing - we'll take care of everything on the spot!
Illustration of a woman serving a man at the counter, symbolizing receiving a shipment.

You will pick up your shipment

Don't like waiting for a courier at a designated address? Choose to have your parcel delivered to a nearby Furgonetka Point and pick up your shipment at a convenient time, such as coming home from work, while walking or while running other errands around town.
Illustration of two parcels and a ribbon, symbolizing the return of a parcel.

You will return the package

The content of the package is not to your liking? You can easily return the package to the Sender (e.g., to an online store) at one of our courier points. An employee will collect the package from you with a return label and give it to the courier.
Illustration of a dial, package, clock and document, symbolizing the selection of additional services.

You will select additional services

Do you want to insure your package? Or maybe you care about reducing the delivery time? No problem! When ordering a parcel at the point, you can also select many additional services offered by courier companies.
Illustration of a man packing a package

You will pack a package

Are you missing the right cardboard box to safely pack your package? At the courier point Furgonetka Point you will get help from the staff and professionally prepare your parcel for shipment.
Illustration of hands holding rolled up film, symbolizing the purchase of packing materials.

You will buy packaging materials

Do you often send packages and need foil packets, envelopes, cardboard boxes or decent packing tape? You can purchase these types of packing materials at some of the courier outlets in our Furgonetka Point network.

Visit a oint from the map and use

different carriers

DHLFedExGLSPocztexORLEN PaczkaDeliGooDPDUPSInPostMeestAmbroExpressXpress DeliveryPostivoSP Express
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Shipping and collection points near you
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Low prices of various courier shipments
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Wide selection of the best carriers
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Option to send parcel domestically and internationally
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Delivery of a domestic shipment even the next day
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Access to city and pallet shipments
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Assistance from experienced point staff
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Fast and convenient handling of shipments sent online
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High-quality packaging materials

Where can you find

Furgonetka Point points?

Our sending and receiving points are made up of service establishments (e.g., cafes, florists) and commercial establishments (e.g., grocery stores), where you will use courier services while doing your daily errands. We also have dedicated facilities that specialize exclusively in handling and storing shipments.
Furgonetka Point courier points are located as close as possible to users - in city centers, near institutions or shopping pavilions. They allow convenient access so that reaching the place for sending or receiving a parcel is done without the slightest hindrance!