What is the Furgonetka Point network?

Furgonetka Point is a network of courier points where you can conveniently send and receive a parcel, as well as make a return or pack your package. You can find them in your neighborhood, as they are formed by service and commercial premises such as stores, florists or kiosks, so you can use courier services while doing your daily errands.

Illustration showing a Furgonetka Point employee standing behind the counter and showing an OK gesture with his hand. In the background, racks of shipments are visible

In Furgonetka


Conveniently send your shipment

Have a package to send? You can have it shipped online and bring it to the point whenever it suits you, or ship it with a point employee without having to print a label or pack the package. Get everything done on the spot.
A woman paying with her phone to send a package at Furgonetka Point. On the other side of the counter, a man with a payment terminal.

Pick up your shipment at your convenience

Don't like waiting for a courier at home? Don't waste time and choose to have your package delivered to a nearby Furgonetka Point. Pick up your shipment when it suits you, such as when you get home from work or while walking.
A man standing with a parcel in his hands in front of a flower shop that offers Furgonetka services.

Return the package without a problem

If you want to return your purchases, you can do it at one of our points without waiting for the courier at home. An employee will collect the package from you with a return label or print it out at the point and give it to the courier.
A disgruntled woman looking into a package. Next to the package a red X symbol

You will benefit from additional services

Do you care about instant delivery or want to insure your package? When you order a parcel at the point, you can take advantage of many additional services not available at such favorable prices for individual customers.
Satisfied woman standing in front of Furgonetka Point

You will pack your package

You don't have to worry about whether you have the right packaging for your shipment. At Furgonetka Point, you'll get help from the staff and have your package professionally prepared for shipment, as well as weighed and measured, so you can avoid surcharges.
A satisfied woman packing a shipment

Buy packaging materials

If you regularly ship packages and need foil packets, envelopes, cardboard boxes or decent packing tape, you'll find them at select Furgonetka Points.
Illustration showing hands unrolling wrapping film. Other packing materials are visible in the background.

How do I send a package

at Furgonetka Point?

Go to a service that allows you to send parcels online such as
If you prefer to send a parcel directly at Furgonetka Point without having to print a label and a waybill yourself,
find a point
close to you on the map and go there with the parcel.

When ordering a shipment online, select the method of shipment at the point, enter the dimensions and weight of the shipment, and then select the offer of the carrier you are interested in.

Fill out the form with the details of the sender and recipient, pay the shipment and print the shipping documents.

Go to the nearest Furgonetka Point when it suits you and leave the shipment there.

Your package will set off, and you can
follow its path
until it is delivered to the addressee.
A satisfied woman sending a package at Furgonetka Point and showing an OK gesture with her hand. On the other side of the counter a seated point employee.

Why send packages at

Furgonetka Points?

An icon showing a building with a location pin.
Shipping and collection points near you
An icon of a hand holding a coin, symbolizing low prices.
Low prices of various courier shipments
A hand icon above which floats tiles symbolizing multiple carriers.
Wide selection of the best carriers
A parcel icon next to a globe, symbolizing international shipping.
Option to send parcel domestically and internationally
Clock icon indicating fast delivery time.
Delivery of a domestic shipment even the next day
An icon showing packages on a pallet.
Access to city and pallet shipments
An icon of two employees and a star.
Assistance from experienced point staff
A laptop icon with a package, symbolizing online parcel service.
Fast and convenient handling of shipments sent online
An icon depicting various packing materials.
High-quality packaging materials
Icon depicting a handshake
Opportunity to support local business
Icon depicting three clocks
Fast and convenient handling of shipments sent online
Map of Poland with many Furgonetka Point buildings on it

Where can you find

Furgonetka Point?

Furgonetka Points are located as close as possible to customers - in city centers, near shopping arcades or service areas, so you can leave your shipment while you run your daily errands. Among Furgonetka Points you will also find dedicated outlets, specializing exclusively in parcel handling and storage.

Find the Furgonetka Point

closest to you

Use the interactive map and see where close to your home or work you will send or receive your shipment stationary.