Transfer and print labels on a thermal or traditional printer

Do you run an online store or regularly send shipments? With the Van Print Assistant app, you can easily send and print shipping documents not only with a traditional printer, but also with a thermal printer in various formats.

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The Furgonetka Printing Assistant


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Instant document sending to any type of printer — you can transfer labels or protocols to any device.
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Ability to print self-adhesive labels on thermal printers — you will easily print labels for shipments on dedicated equipment.
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Make it easier to manage shipments across different workstations — you have the ability to send documents from a device in the office and then print them on a printer located in the warehouse.
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More efficient order processing — speed up the preparation of shipments for shipment, thus reducing the lead time of your store.
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Automation of the shipping process — You will set the generation and printing of documents according to your preferences.
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Supports various label formats and paper sizes — With the application you have the ability to print documents in PDF, ZPL, EPL formats, using the most popular paper sizes (A4, A6 or 10x15 cm).

How does it


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You create an account or log in to
Furgonetka customer panel
Printer and cog

By clicking on your data in the upper right corner, you expand the menu and go to "Settings" and then select "Printing" in the left menu.

Cursor pointing to program window with download symbol visible
Here you specify the options for generating documents according to your preferences and
download the app
Furgonetka Printing Assistant for Windows or macOS, and then link your Furgonetka account to the app.
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You start printing documents on any device on the list in your office or warehouse.

How to set up

Printing Assistant?

Why is it

worth it?

Send documents to any device

Facilitate the process of printing documents - send the generated shipping documents directly to any printer installed at your workstation.

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Print labels on a thermal printer

You don't have to worry about the model of your thermal printer - the app supports different types of labels, so you can easily transfer them to your device.

Small thermal label printer

Speed up shipment creation

You'll streamline order processing in your store by printing shipping documents faster and more conveniently, saving you time.

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Handle multiple shipments simultaneously

You can conveniently print all the labels in one go without having to download files from each shipment.

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Automatically generate documents

You'll set document generation to match the printer and paper size you're using, so each new shipment will have shipping documents in the correct format.

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You will test the printout

With the ability to test the application without worry, you can check its functionality and the performance of connected printers.

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Do you have questions

about the application?

Contact us via the contact form
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