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Furgonetka Point is a network of courier points. You provide the opportunity to send a parcel at your premises, and for each package you receive a commission. Sound interesting?

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What will you gain,

by growing your business with us?

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New customers and brand recognition
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Development of your business offerings
Money and charts showing growth
Steady earnings and a proven business model
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Support with content, business and marketing
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Clear rules of cooperation and full freedom of action
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What do you need

to join our network?

At Furgonetka Point network, we especially count on your good intentions and enthusiasm for action. A mandatory element is to run a retail or service business in the premises on the first floor (with the possibility of separate space for parcel storage). Access to parking will be an added advantage.

What you will be doing as

Furgonetka Point?

Sending, receiving and warehousing of domestic and international shipments

Handling shipments with ready labels, such as Allegro, Orlen Parcel or DHL Express.

Offering customers additional services, such as parcel insurance and return documents

Selling the materials needed to pack and ship the shipment

Optional: assistance in packing packages on site (for an additional fee)

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How to

cooperate with us?

All you have to do is apply to join the network through the online form, and then...
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We will contact you to complete all the formalities and sign the contract.

We will provide you with training materials and introduce you to the shipment process.

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Customers will send parcels at your point, and you will receive a commission for each one.

Meet our
partner package

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399 zł net - without subscription and additional fees

Choosing this starter package, in addition to shipments with ready-made labels, you will introduce into your premises the service of parcels requiring measuring and weighing. As part of the cooperation, you will gain: implementation in the process, access to online training (updated knowledge base), as well as marketing materials: a Partner Point certificate, a set of 8 stickers to inform customers about new services, as well as a company measuring tape and packing tape (6 pieces).
A satisfied man with a package in his hand. In the background you can see colorful tiles with the names of carriers

As a member of the Furgonetka Point network...

...regardless of the package you choose, you can expand your business and take on additional partnerships. With us you will handle shipments of: Allegro One, FedEx, GLS, ORLEN Parcel, DPD, UPS, DHL Parcel and DHL Express.

Join our network!


asked questions

Are there any monthly fees or subscriptions?

The only cost you incur is related to the purchase of the starter package. After that, there are no monthly fees or subscriptions.

Do I have to meet the monthly target of number of shipments handled?

No, we do not have any requirements for the minimum number of shipments handled. However, keep in mind that the more shipments you handle, the more money you will earn.

Will I receive a freight scale as part of the partnership?

It depends on the type of package you choose. Establishing cooperation as a
Partner Point
, you will not get weight from us. However, we can help you choose the right equipment with a discount for our Partners.

If you want to open a
Dedicated Point
, you will receive a scale as part of your purchased starter package.

How much money can I realistically make from running a Furgonetka Point?

The average commission is about 8 zł per package without a label and about 1-2zł per package with a ready label. However, you can also earn from other services, such as packing parcels or selling packaging materials. The final earnings depend on the number of parcels handled and the services offered.

Do I need to advertise your company on the Internet to get customers?

Our Partner Points should take advantage of free forms of advertising to attract new customers and increase visibility. The benefits include increased brand awareness, an increase in the number of visits to the point and the number of parcels served. By advertising on the Internet, potential customers will have easier access to information about your point.

How is settlement done?

Billing is based on the number of shipments handled. You will receive a commission for each shipment you handle at your point.

What if I am not a VAT payer?

If you are exempt from VAT in accordance with Article 113 (1) of the VAT Law: "Sales made by taxpayers whose sales value did not exceed a total of PLN 200,000 in the previous fiscal year are exempt from tax." - you can select this option when registering your account. Then the account will immediately be adjusted to convert transactions (commissions) and issue invoices on your behalf with VAT ZW (0%).

How much space do I need to store my packages?

To begin with, about 3 square meters is enough.

How often does the courier run?

The courier of a given company usually pulls up one to two times a day. However, it is important to remember that each company has its own courier, who may arrive at different times.

Why does my Point have to stay open until 6pm?

Customers usually pick up shipments after work, which is between 4 and 6 p.m. We want to provide them with convenient access to their shipments.

Will my point only serve as a shipping function, or will I also accept shipments?

The Furgonetka Punkt supports both sending and receiving parcels. This means that customers can conveniently pick up their parcels at their convenience, as well as send packages without having to drive to a remote courier facility.

Are there any penalties for leaving the points network?

There is no penalty for leaving the network, however, the contract must be terminated, with a notice period, before deciding to leave.

What will happen to my point if I am sick or have to go away for an extended period of time?

If a situation arises where you have to close your point for illness or departure, you can mark the absence in our system yourself. Then shipments will not be directed to your point, and your customers will be informed about it. This is a very simple and convenient solution that allows you to run your business in a flexible way.

Is it possible to buy ads, banners or stickers for the point?

Yes, we offer our partners the opportunity to buy ads, banners and stickers with our company logo. This allows you to easily promote your establishment and attract new customers.

Do you want to implement the production of promotional materials on your own? No problem! As part of our cooperation, we will provide you with free graphic designs prepared in print-ready formats.

How do you help on social media?

We support our partners in their social media activities by providing them with graphics, posts, tutorials and digital advertising materials. In this way, you can easily reach your customers and increase the reach of your business.

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