Courier packages price list.

Nadaj przesyłkę fees pricelist

  1. Service name

    Net price
    Gross price
  2. Opłata systemowa (1)

    0.19 PLN
    0.23 PLN
  3. SMS pickup notification for the receiver

    0.08 PLN
    0.10 PLN
  4. Sending or attempting to send dangerous goods (especially pyrotechnics)

    2,000.00 PLN
    2,460.00 PLN
  5. Payment fee (PayPal)

    1.22 PLN + 1.88% from the paid amount
    1.50 PLN + 2.31% from the paid amount
  6. Sending a vindicatory reminder (cost of a priority registered letter)

    8.40 PLN
    8.40 PLN
  7. Wysłanie faktury w wersji papierowej (koszt listu poleconego priorytetowego)

    8.40 PLN
    8.40 PLN
  8. Re-transfer fee

    2.00 PLN
    2.46 PLN
  9. Verification transfer fee

    5.00 PLN
    6.15 PLN
  10. A fee for paying out the funds from a prepaid account (2)

    10.00 PLN
    12.30 PLN

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  • (1)The fee is charged for every Allegro Smart package. Fee is non refundable after canceling the package.
  • (2)The fee is charged when funds are withdrawn from the balance exceeding PLN 100.

Low prices are not everything. Additionally we offer:

  • A prepaid account and full control over your expenses.
  • One collective invoice at the end of the month.
  • Express COD returns on the next business day after delivery.
  • Fuel and road surcharge included within the price.
  • Business price list starting from 40 parcels a month.

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