Extra bonus for packages for e-commerce.

You send, we pay extra!

Do you run an online store and send over 500 InPost parcels to your customers each month? Send e-commerce parcels via our Van platform, and we will pay you up to 1 PLN for each of them.
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By sending over 500 InPost parcels per month, you will gain:

  • A minimum of 200 PLN surcharge for parcels to a parcel locker

    If you send over 500 parcels a month, we will pay you PLN 0.45 for each parcel Size A (64 x 38 x 8 cm up to 25 kg) sent to the InPost parcel locker. In total, for 500 packages you will get a refund of PLN 225 (with the current fuel surcharge at 8%).

  • Minimum 500 PLN bonus for courier parcels

    If you send over 500 e-commerce parcels a month, we will pay you PLN 1 for each parcel (up to 5 kg) sent by InPost courier. As a result, for 500 courier parcels you will get a refund of over PLN 500 (with the current fuel surcharge at 8%).

  • Even 8,700 PLN a year for the use of a van

    Do you send over 500 parcels to Parcel Lockers and over 500 InPost courier parcels? Just for sending parcels via a van, you will earn at least PLN 725 a month, and in the course of the whole year - even PLN 8,700 (with the current fuel surcharge at 8%).

Earn money on shipping parcels in advance

When sending a large number of InPost parcels via a van, you can immediately take advantage of our promotion. You don't have to wait until you reach 500 in a month to get your bonus. All you need to do is to declare the number of e-commerce parcels in advance, and we will immediately include the surcharge in the shipping price.

After adding the bonus on the Furgonetka platform, you will see lower amounts - PLN 7.59 net for a parcel to a parcel locker and PLN 8.41 net for a courier package (up to 5 kg). The prices given are net amounts, excluding the fuel surcharge.

Vans capabilities for business include:

  • Quick and easy handling of packages

    On the Van platform, you can send even several dozen parcels in a few clicks and generate the same number of labels. Additionally, you can use tools to automate the shipping process.

  • Integration with your store

    It does not matter if you sell on Allegro or your own online store. You can integrate our system with the platform you use quickly and for free. As a result, among others you will send parcels directly from the store.

  • Shipment notifications

    The Van System automatically analyzes the status of parcels and sends notifications about unexpected events. Thanks to this, you can have constant control over each shipment.

  • Online returns system

    As an online store, in minutes you can implement our quick and convenient online returns system to manage your return shipments in one place - from A to Z.

And so much more. Use the Van and find out about all the amenities.

Good prices for every company

In the van, we try to appreciate each company, regardless of its business profile. Although we additionally reward the shipment of over 500 parcels, we offer a favorable offer to all business customers, ensuring low prices of InPost shipments.

With us, you will pay only PLN 7.99 net for a package with the A size, and for a package up to 5 kg - PLN 9.34 net - without the fuel surcharge.

Do you want to get a bonus for a large number of e-commerce packages?

If you send over 500 e-commerce parcels a month, take advantage of our offer and get a surcharge for each shipment sent.

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