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Parcel to Germany

The price list applies to the transport of a parcel from the SP Express warehouse to the Recipient abroad. The price below does not include the cost of delivering the shipment to the warehouse as part of the Fedex domestic service.
    1. Weight of 1 parcel
      Net price with fuel surcharge
      Gross price
  1. Parcel Courier → Courier

    1. do 2 kg
      25.49 PLN
      31.35 PLN
    2. od 2 do 5 kg
      27.29 PLN
      33.57 PLN
    3. od 5 do 10 kg
      30.29 PLN
      37.26 PLN
    4. od 10 do 20 kg
      37.79 PLN
      46.48 PLN
    5. od 20 do 30 kg
      55.09 PLN
      67.76 PLN

Additional services

  1. Service name

    Net price
    Gross price
  2. Parcel insurance from 0.01 PLN to 500.00 PLN

    0.00 PLN
    0.00 PLN
  3. Additional handling (1)

    157.99 PLN
    194.33 PLN
  4. Extended area delivery (2)

    236.99 PLN
    291.50 PLN
  5. Delivery in reduced emmission area (3)

    16.49 PLN
    20.28 PLN
  6. Package verification (4)

    34.49 PLN
    42.42 PLN

Non-standard services

  1. Service name

    Net price
    Gross price
  2. Incorrect address data (5)

    4.79 PLN
    5.89 PLN
  3. SMS pickup notification for the receiver

    0.10 PLN
    0.12 PLN
  4. Return package to warehouse (6)

    39.49 PLN
    48.57 PLN
  5. Domestic Return Shipping (7)

  6. Dispatch of a package inconsistent with an order (within an acceptable weight limit) (9)

    According to this price list
    According to this price list
  7. Sending or attempting to send dangerous goods (especially pyrotechnics)

    2,000.00 PLN
    2,460.00 PLN
  8. Payment fee (PayPal)

    1.22 PLN + 1.88% from the paid amount
    1.50 PLN + 2.3124% from the paid amount
  9. Sending a vindicatory reminder (cost of a priority registered letter)

    8.40 PLN
    8.40 PLN
  10. Wysłanie faktury w wersji papierowej (koszt listu poleconego priorytetowego)

    8.40 PLN
    8.40 PLN
  11. Re-transfer fee

    2.00 PLN
    2.46 PLN
  12. Verification transfer fee

    5.00 PLN
    6.15 PLN
  13. A fee for paying out the funds from a prepaid account (11)

    10.00 PLN
    12.30 PLN
  14. Freight SMS notification

    0.10 PLN
    0.12 PLN
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  • (1)Opłata dotyczy paczek, których opakowaniem zewnętrznym nie jest foliopak albo karton o kształcie prostopadłościanu/sześcianu. Naliczana jest także, jeśli przewoźnik stwierdzi przekroczenie maksymalnych wymiarów, wagi rzeczywistej lub wolumetrycznej 30 kg, litrażu 140 l.
  • (2)Applies to indicated postcodes and postcodes starting with : 18565, 25757, 25849, 25859, 25863, 25869, 25938, 25946, 25980, 25992, 25996, 25997, 25998, 25999, 26465, 26474, 26486, 26548, 26571, 26579, 27498, 27499, 83256, FR
  • (3)The fee is charged when the parcel is delivered to an address located in a zone with reduced emissions, entry to which is subject to an additional fee. Applies to postal codes: brak
  • (4)Opłata naliczana w przypadku, gdy weryfikacja wagi/wymiaru przesyłki wskazuje rozbieżność między parametrami zadeklarowanymi w zamówieniu, a rzeczywistymi gabarytami paczki.
  • (5)Opłata może zostać naliczona w przypadku wskazania błędnego adresu Odbiorcy, niepełnych danych adresowych.
  • (6)The fee presented in this price list applies only to the return of the shipment from abroad to the warehouse of SP Express. For separately ordered transport of a package from the World of Shipments warehouse to the address of the Sender, the cost should be added in accordance with the price list of FedEx domestic shipments.
  • (7)The fee presented in this price list applies only to the transport of the shipment from the SP Express warehouse to the Sender. It is calculated on the basis of the domestic price list of the FedEx carrier as for newly created transport orders for a shipment with dimensions identical to the original package.
  • (8)The fee is charged as a result of exceeding the maximum actual or dimensional weight, for each 1 kg of excess.
  • (9)The fee is the difference between the price of the shipment calculated on the basis of the parameters entered in the order and the price specified in the weight range corresponding to the actual weight of the shipment handed over for transport, shown in the price list above.
  • (10)If the shipment contains a non-standard item or is specified as long, these services are included in the return fee. Other additional services indicated in the order are not added to the return price.
  • (11)The fee is charged when funds are withdrawn from the balance exceeding PLN 100.

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Low prices are not everything. Additionally we offer:

  • A prepaid account and full control over your expenses.
  • One collective invoice at the end of the month.
  • Express COD returns on the next business day after delivery.
  • Fuel and road surcharge included within the price.
  • Business price list starting from 40 parcels a month.

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SPX is a private logistics operator focused on optimizing parcel delivery times, distribution costs and CO2 emissions. It is a carrier with a postal operator license that offers international distribution of postal and courier shipments, carrying out collective customs clearance. Although the company was established in 2013 as a family business, it had already gained experience in parcel handling by working for the Royal Mail branch in the Netherlands for years. The platform has integrated over 300 carriers, including courier companies and postal operators. From 2024, the company has chosen a strategy to optimize CO2 emissions, which includes a number of initiatives such as calculating emissions for each individual shipment, introducing tools suggesting the delivery of the shipment to a point (PUDO), which has a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions.

International services:

SPX delivers shipments abroad in a model combining domestic and international shipments, in cooperation with another courier company. How it's working? After ordering the service, the parcel from the Sender in Poland goes to one carrier, who delivers it to the SP Express warehouse. SPX then delivers the parcel to the intended recipient in the indicated country abroad. Importantly, the Sender receives only one label to print, with the SPX Warehouse listed as the Recipient.

Types of shipments:

SPX delivers parcels with a maximum actual weight of 30 kg. The dimensions of the parcel cannot exceed 70x50x40 cm (the exception is the direction of Spain, in which case the parcels may have maximum dimensions of 60x40x40 cm). For destinations: the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France, the sum of the dimensions of the package (length + width + height) cannot exceed 150 cm.

SP Express delivery area:

SPX delivers parcels to the following destinations: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Netherlands (Netherlands), Luxembourg, France, Spain, Finland (Pickup Point), Denmark, Sweden (Pickup Point). The carrier also delivers parcels to the islands of the above countries.

Shipment insurance:

The price of parcel distribution includes insurance of up to PLN 500.

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