Don't lose buyers and earn more

Don't want your customers to abandon their purchases? Stop discouraging them with a lengthy purchasing process. Thanks to Wallet, the fast checkout solution, you'll reduce cart abandonment and increase your profits while ensuring customers' favorite payment and delivery methods.
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What can Portmonetka do?

Portmonetka will help you boost sales , providing your customers with shopping experiences they know from the largest shopping platforms. Thanks to it:

Boost sales in your store

A quick and simple purchase finalization is a proven way to increase the number of orders.

Gain loyal customers

Positive shopping experiences make customers more likely to return to your store.

Benefit from a cheap shipping program

You have a choice — you can take advantage of our cheap shipping offer or integrate your own agreements with courier companies.

Reach new buyers with your offer

Wallet allows you to conduct marketing communication with customers using our checkout, making it easier to reach your offer to new buyers.