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Send to me

Do you want to conveniently send a parcel to you, for example a return of purchases? Use the ”Send to me” function and simplify this process to a minimum. All you need to do is fill out a short form with your details and then generate a link that you can send to the sender. When he opens it, he will only have to fill in his details and pay for the package, and the label for the courier will be ready to be generated. Fast, convenient and safe.

Package tracking

The package tracking system allows to follow statuses of all the posted parcels on every stage of their transport. It helps to quickly respond to exceptional situations and potential problems. Shipment reports and  statistics (from which you will learn e.g. parcel delivery time for u each courier company) will let you optimise your work and improve the logistical processes in your company.

Generating labels in different formats

Advanced documents generating options allow printing labels in a standard PDF format or the formats designed for thermal printers. Additionally, thanks to a special application, you can send shipment documents directly to any printer installed in a few work stations.

Transport documents brought by courier

You don't have a printer at home? Is the preparation of transport documents an obstacle for you? When sending a van, you can use the option in which the courier arriving to the package will take with him all the necessary documents. The option is available when choosing a DPD courier company.

Express COD return system

Choose COD Express and have the  collected money on your bank account on the next business day from the moment it was received by our service. Our tool for automatic transfers was created based on a Millenium Bank system, therefore you can be certain that your money is safe. At any time you can check the COD money status in a tab "Dashboard".

Packages templates creator

The packages templates creator allows you to easily define the most important parameters of your orders. If you frequently send similar parcels you can use the creator to specify their dimensions, weight and potential additional options, you can also import your contacts here. Save time on filling in a dispatch form by hand, every time from the very beginning and with the use of the same data.

Address book

The address book allows you to have all your recipients in a one place. If you frequently send parcels to the same people, you can add their data to the list of your permanent addressees. Thanks to this you will save time during a parcel dispatch procedure - you will not have to fill in a dispatch form with the detailed recipient data every single time.

Complaint panel

The complaint panel gives an opportunity to file a complaint online, via our system. All the necessary complaint documents are generated automatically after a proper, available on our panel form, is filled in. Thanks to this tool the process of making and proceeding your complaint becomes quicker and more thorough. Moreover, you can also check a current complaint status in your dashboard.

Mobile application

Our mobile application enables access to your parcels from every place and at any time. Thanks to this tool you can check your current balance, be up-to-date with the status of a dispatched parcel as well as calculate and post another one. Additionally, you will receive notifications about every change of a parcel status and you will always have our services at hand.

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