Do you happen to buy the wrong product online?

In our Return purchases panel, you can quickly and easily return the product to any online store that is integrated with our system. You can conveniently send the parcel with one of several shipping options, and you will recover the money for the return in a maximum of 14 days.

Try the return

What does the return system give you?

  • Product return in 4 clicks

    It will take you just a few minutes to return your purchases online. All you have to do is select the products you want and fill in the form that will lead you almost “by the hand”.

  • A large selection of cheap shipments

    You can choose from 12 different carriers. You can send the return shipment conveniently, among others by courier, by a parcel locker and at the selected shipping point.

  • Automatically generated labels

    You do not need to manually address the parcel with the product to be returned. After choosing the shipping method you will receive a generated label which you just need to print and stick on the package.

  • Hassle-free refund

    You can forget about the endless return on money. You will get the transfer within 14 days to the same account from which you paid for the product, and afterwards you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

  • All returns in one list

    In the "My returns" tab in the panel you will find all products returned to online shops that have our module.

  • Easy tracking of shipments

    Once the return shipment has been sent, you will receive an email with a link to track your package. This will make it easier for you to determine when the return will reach the shop and when you will receive payment.

How do I return a product online?

Return your purchase online in 4 easy steps:

  • You choose the products to return

    You can return all the products on the list or select only some of them. You have as many days to return an item as the online shop allows (minimum 14 days).

  • You specify the details of the shipment

    You fill in the form with information such as: sender details, form of shipment, type of packaging and date of shipment. You pack the products in the parcel and pay for the return shipment.

  • You send the package back

    Depending on the selected shipping option, you hand over your parcel to the courier, take it to a parcel machine or to a selected delivery point. The parcel then travels to its recipient.

  • You get your money back

    Within 14 days from ordering the return shipment you will receive a refund to the account from which the payment for the product was made. Confirmation of the transfer of funds can be found in the online panel and in the email.

Want to return products quickly and easily?

Try returning your purchases

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