Do you run an online shop and want to make returns easy?

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the return system. Integrate your online store with our module and get an intuitive panel to manage ALL returns. And most importantly - attract more customers by providing them a simple tool to return products.

Why is a return in your store a good idea?

  • Free system

    Purchase Return is a 100% free system that will keep you in control of every returned shipment. You don't pay for anything, unless you guarantee your customers a free return. Then you only pay the cost of return shipment.

  • Returns management from A to Z

    Our solution allows you to conveniently and quickly manage all returns from your store. From the dashboard, you can accept and reject returns, view your return history, and review the details of individual orders.

  • Easy integration with the store

    The returns module enables quick and easy integration with popular shopping platforms. In just a few steps you will connect your account with your shop and make the /zwrot subpage available to your customers.

  • Individual return settings

    In a convenient online panel, you can configure the most important settings for returns in your store. You will determine, among others return address, the time limit for withdrawal from the agreement and the time limit for refund. Based on this, you will generate a Returns Policy document verified by our lawyers.

  • Full access to data analytics

    In our module you can view the list of all returned parcels. Thanks to this, you can easily analyze which products your customers give up most often, and this will help you to better optimize the available assortment.

  • Package status monitoring

    In the online panel you will find the status of each shipment, making it easier to keep track of all your returns. Returns can be labelled with, among other things: "The parcel has been shipped", "The parcel has arrived at the store", "Return paid".

How does the online returns panel work?

Zwrot e-commerce

What will you gain with the return module?

  • More satisfied customers

    Thanks to the easy returns option you will build an image of an honest and reliable shop in the eyes of your customers. And this will translate into their loyalty and satisfaction with purchases.

  • Better understanding of purchasing decisions

    In the returns system you will analyse the most frequently returned products, so you can better understand the decisions your customers make.

  • Easier communication with customers

    With the online returns panel, you save time on exchanging emails or phone calls with your customers. All information is available in a system that can be accessed by both parties.

Let's talk about returns

Do you like our idea to improve online returns and want to see how it works in practice? Or maybe you want /zwrot to become part of your online store?

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