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Delivery of shipments to PO Boxes is not possible.

Parcel  dispatch notification and a  shipment tracking link will be sent to the provided email.
Delivery type

E-mail do zamówienia przesyłki


Enter the value of the insured package.
Shape and packaging type

A parcel packed in a cuboid box and sealed with tape, but in a way that does not cause deformation. A tire packed according to the carriers' instructions.


Oval, spherical, cylindrical (e.g. a tube) packages or the ones with a shape different than a cuboid (e.g. a deformed box), with irregular edges and protruding elements. Moreover, packages wrapped in stretch, foil or any other material that obstructs movement. For courier companies, an non-standard parcel is a package that cannot be sorted by machine.

Make sure that the content of your package is not included on the lists of forbidden goods.

Additional services

DPD FedEx UPS InPost Poczta DHL Ambro Express ORLEN
Select this option if you can't print shipping documents and want courier to bring them. Packages with this service are collected the next working day.
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Zaznacz, jeśli chcesz, aby przesyłka była doręczona do paczkomatu w sobotę lub niedzielę. Pamiętaj, że przesyłka powinna być nadana od czwartku od godziny 20:00 do soboty do godziny 13:00.



Check if you want the first attempt at delivery to be made on the first business day after posting.

This service can be carried out only if a package is posted on Friday.

DPD InPost Poczta DHL
Select if you would like to order the return of documents attached to the primary package.

DPD FedEx UPS DHL Poczta InPost
Treating a parcel with an extreme caution; service mandatory for parcels containing: liquids, gases, glass, all the easily breakable, delicate and fragile items etc.

Select if you are sending a package with pickup and delivery by courier. Enter the recipient's contact number so that the courier can notify him via SMS about the time of delivery.
Guarantees package delivery on the next business day. Guarantees package delivery within 1 to 3 working days depending on the country of the recipient.
Guarantees package delivery within 1 to 3 working days depending on the country of the recipient.
Guarantees delivery of the parcel up to two working days, provided that it is sent by courier by 17:00 in provincial cities or until 15:00 in other cities and "post offices".
Service that specifies the package value without the need of providing an invoice - the amount entered in a field "Insurance" is undisputed in a complaint process. For packages delivered to points the declared value cannot exceed 100 PLN.

Gwarantuje doręczenie przesyłki w ciągu 120 minut, od momentu odebrania jej od Nadawcy. Maksymalny dystans między adresem Nadawcy a Odbiorcy wynosi 8 km.

Check if you want the courier to deliver package to the receiver door. If this service is not selected, receiver will be obliged to go to the courier to collect the package.
Xpress Delivery

Check if you want the courier to pick up package from the sender's door. If this service is not selected, the sender will be obliged to go to the courier to hand over package.
Xpress Delivery

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