Express delivery in your city

Parcels ordered today will be delivered by couriers on the same day. Regardless of whether you are the sender or the recipient, your parcel will be delivered quickly, even in several dozen minutes - both on weekdays and on weekends. We provide the service in small, medium and large cities.

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Express shipments


Delivery in up to 40 minutes

We want to save you time, so with our city service you can count on lightning-fast delivery. Express shipment will reach you or the recipient of your parcel within 120 minutes, and in practice - even faster! We provide the service on working days and weekends. Couriers deliver parcels from morning until late evening.

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A wide range of shipments

As part of express delivery, you can send or order collection of several types of parcels. Drivers can easily deliver both documents in envelopes and larger parcels weighing no more than 25 kg (DeliGoo) or 31.5 kg (Xpress Delivery) to the indicated location.

Parcels and envelope

No shipping documents

You don't have to worry about printing labels and shipping documents. To send an express shipment, you will need an ordinary felt-tip pen to describe the package. All you need to do is write down the number generated when ordering the service via the online form on the package. The courier will find the rest of the necessary information in the mobile application.

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Simple rules for packing parcels

When choosing express delivery, you don't have to worry about complicated package packaging guidelines. You can hand over the shipment to the driver without additional packaging. You just need to make sure that everything is tightly closed, labeled and does not pose a threat to other shipments (e.g. sharp edges).

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Constant contact with the courier

When carrying out your order to send or collect an express shipment, the courier from the selected company will remain in constant contact with both you and the sender or recipient of your parcel. He will inform you about the exact arrival time and call you when he arrives.

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Multiple issues,

one solution

Local store

Shopping at a local store

Are you shopping online in a local store, you are pressed for time, but you don't feel like going to the other end of the city by bus?

Don't waste time traveling by public transport to pick up the product. Order your parcel delivered conveniently and straight to your home.

Parcel for a friend

Do you want to tell something important to a friend who lives three streets away, but you are in a hurry to catch the train?

Don't risk being late. Send an express parcel online, hand it over to the courier and go to the station at a leisurely pace.
Shopping cart

Quick shopping for your company

Do you run your own business and suddenly you notice that you lack the necessary tool for your work?

Don't let your customers down. Order what you need and have the courier collect the goods for express delivery to your office.
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Easy to handle

Do you need to buy medicines for your grandmother, but you are on a business trip?

Do not involve other family members. Order medicines online and have them picked up by a courier who will deliver the package straight to your grandmother in a few dozen minutes.
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Efficient transfer of documents

Do you have business partners in the same city and need to provide them with important documents?

Don't waste precious minutes standing in traffic jams while you could be devoting time to business development. Take advantage of our city service and send your documents by express delivery.

What do you gain

with our service?

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You order a shipment to be sent or collected quickly and without leaving your home.

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You don't have to go to the trouble of personally delivering or picking up the parcel.

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You order products with delivery from points located up to 10 km from you.

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You order the delivery of the product you need to serve your customers.

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You don't have to take breaks from work to run errands in the city. A courier with express delivery will take care of you...

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You increase customer satisfaction with shopping in your online store by providing them with more delivery options.

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Would you like to talk

about express delivery?

Do you run a business and want to learn more about express shipments?


express delivery


Cursor pointing to a form on a computer screen.
the parcel order form
on the Furgonetka website. Indicate yourself as the Recipient or Sender of the express shipment.
A courier and a parcel in front of him.

Select a carrier in your city. The driver staying near the sender's address will collect the shipment and drive to the destination.

A parcel and a clock in front of it.

Your parcel will reach the indicated address on the same day, even in a few dozen minutes. It will be collected by you or the recipient

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Where can you order

express delivery?

See in which cities you can order express delivery with DeliGoo and Xpress Delivery.

We cooperate

with modern carriers

We only work with experienced companies to provide you with the fastest same day delivery options. Thanks to the automation of technological solutions, Same-Day Delivery carriers can make the last stage of your parcel's journey as efficient as possible.

How does it look in practice?

You order an express shipment, and the courier closest to the place of shipment picks it up and goes to the recipient.

Express solutions for e-commerce

Do you run an online store? Provide an express delivery option in the order form and gain the attention of time-sensitive customers.

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Why is it worth it?

You do not need to have an extensive fleet of vehicles, an IT system or a team of exclusive suppliers. All you need to do is use a ready-made solution that you can implement via Furgonetka. The only thing you need to take care of on your end is to quickly prepare orders for delivery to couriers.

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Let's talk about

express shipping

Do you run a business and want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by express delivery? Leave us your contact details - we will call you.
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